Thursday, January 10, 2013

Desire to Inspire ~ Conquering Depression and Anxiety ~ 1/10/13

Today's post is two-fold.

First, I would like to welcome all my new blog followers!  I've gotten so many new readers over the past months and it absolutely thrills me!  Some things about me that I hope come across right away is that I love my God; I love to read; I'm a mom of two girls; a wife to a wonderful hubby; I run a hand-crafted shop while being a stay-at-home-mom/wife.

Something I haven't spoken much of lately is how I've struggled with major depression and anxiety over the past 11 years.  It might have been even longer but my pregnancy hormones kicked it into full view.  I haven't spoken of it lately because I have been doing really well and try to put it out of my mind and just live.

This is where I want to encourage anyone who is struggling to please get help.  I waited years to finally seek treatment.  I saddens me to think that I didn't have to fight all those years and believe me, each day is a fight when dealing with depression and anxiety.  This time of year can be especially difficult.

My treatment consists of the following:

1.  Meds.  So many people are afraid or stubborn and don't want to have to take meds.  I know I struggled with the idea for a long time.

2.  Knowing my triggers. What causes me to start feeling the symptoms and what can I do to change my situation or avoid those things.  Such as being over-tired, scary movies, too much caffeine, letting my happiness depend too much on others.

3.  Be gentle with myself.  Speak kindly to myself.  Don't demand perfection from myself or others.  Get enough rest.  Read.  Play.  Laugh.  Take a time-out when I need it.  Don't over-schedule.  Take it easy when I'm sick. Etc.

4.  Exercise.  Gotta get those feel good chemicals flowing!

5.  Sunshine.  I try to get outside everyday especially in the sun to soak up the Vitamin D.

6.  Have support people.  When I start feeling funky, I usually tell my husband that I'm struggling.  Just knowing that he knows is such a burden lifted.  My mom is also a great listener and has been with me in the bad times.  Church family is also a wonderful support.

7.  Music.  Music does indeed soothe the savage beast :)  I listen to mostly Christian music throughout the day.  KLOVE is my favorite station.  You can listen to it online at if you don't have a local station.  Their tagline is :  Positive, Encouraging, KLOVE  and it truly is.

7.  Daily quiet time with God, prayer and Bible Study.  I can't even describe what this does for my spirit.  (This is by no mean at the bottom of my treatment list.  I left it for last so that I can segue into point #2 :)

Which brings me to the second point of this post.

I've seen everyone sharing their "One Word" for 2013 and they have all been great.  The first year I picked my "One Word", I chose a word and verse that were so powerful for me in my battle with depression and anxiety.  The next year, I decided I didn't want to change my word or verse so I made it my "Life Word and Verse".


"But in all these things I overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loves me."

Romans 8:37

For so long I felt like a victim and definitely NOT a conqueror.  But through Jesus, I can conquer.

And so can you!

A Royal Daughter


  1. Coletta :) Thank you for writing this! My post today is about the very same thing. I was recently diagnosed with depression and I am just starting to learn the things that trigger me and what I can do about it. I will be praying for you that Jesus will show you how He has already broken those chains of depression and that you will lean on Him and He will lead you through this. :)

  2. This is a wonderful post and great reminders to us all. Exercise is key for me to feel happier, I often forget to take quiet time for myself and need to be better :)

  3. These are wonderful tips and ideas. I have struggled with depression myself and have to battle with it sometimes still.

    I'd love you to link to my Monday Mantras Linkup if you'd like :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  4. Thank you so much for linking up to Desire to Inspire last week! I agree with you - music definitely lifts the soul!!


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