Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Tea Time ~ 1/5/2023

Grab a cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate or your favorite drink
while I share a few things about my life lately...


~We did end up staying home on NYE.  Kaylee came over for shrimp and we hopped from countdown to countdown show watching the performances.  The local news came on at 10:30pm and I decided to "rest" my eyes for a few minutes until the shows came back on.  Well, I woke up the next morning!  How was your New Year's celebration?  Did you watch the ball drop?

~There are new movies on Hallmark that AREN'T Christmas movies!  I haven't gotten to watch any yet as this week has been super busy with all my new "Plans" for 2023.

~I got a new fitness watch!  The band broke on my old one and I didn't think I needed a "fancy watch".  I got a simple clock face watch at Wal-Mart but when we got Laken a FitBit for Christmas, I missed knowing how many steps I took and decided to splurge a little.  While mine is NOT a FitBit (it was only about $25) it serves its purpose and is a pretty rose gold :)

~I set my Goodreads Challenge goal at 26 books for 2023.  I read 16 books in 2022 even though my Goodreads goal was 52.  I decided to split the difference and try to read 1 book every 2 weeks.  So far I've been spending at least 15 minutes a day reading "Mind Games" by Nancy Mehl.

~I got my sewing area organized!  It feels so much better and I can tell that I'm getting my craftiness back :)

So, what's new with you?



  1. I set my goal at Good Reads as well. Maybe not as high as previous years and not as high as yours, but it is set. I did not watch the ball drop, but I did stay up till midnight. My husband and I spent a quiet night at home.

  2. I do keep a list of the books I read but I don't make a goal.
    As I mentioned in my FFFs, we watched the ball drop in London :) which was 7pm here.

  3. I've tried for years to hit the 50 goal mark with reading but it remains illusive to me. I lowered my expectations the last couple of years so this year my goodreads goal is 40. I've read a lot of Nancy Miehl books that I've really liked. I'll have to look that one up. I barely made it to midnight here on New Years.

  4. We were out with the family during the day NYE, but stayed home in the evening. I usually turn on the TV long enough to watch the ball drop, but didn't this year since we had church the next morning. I like Willow's idea of watching the one on London at 7.

    How nice to have a fitness watch that's not expensive! I love rose gold.

    It's nice to get sewing and craft stuff organized. I did a couple of years ago when we moved my craft room to a bigger room. Some of the stuff I use the most needs frequent straightening.

    I love setting reading goals for the new year.


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