Thursday, January 5, 2023

Friday Night With Friends ~ January 2023

"Friday Night With Friends" is hosted by Cheryll over at "Gone Stitchin".  FNWF is set for the 1st Friday of each month with participants joining in from all over the world


For January 2023's "Friday Night With Friends", I'm going to be working on getting my Friendship Swap hosted by the facebook group  "Quilt Block Swap 2023 ready to send.

It is a boomerang swap and I am so excited to participate!

How it works:

1- Choose your main fabric ,you’ll need 1 yard, cut it into a fat 1/8th (9x22 inches) and mail each person in your group a printed copy of your block pattern and a fat 8th (you'll send the same fabric and pattern to each girl in your group). Keep one for yourself to make your block.
The person receiving will go through their stash and complete your block using the fat 8th that you sent them and something complimentary from their fabric. Mail your finished block back to the girl who sent you the fat 8th . It’s always fun to see what you get back from the girls in your group.
2-Pattern-your choice 12 1/2” unfinished (12” finished) Make 8 copies, you'll be keeping 1 for yourself.
3-In choosing your pattern, please keep in mind that it should be a fairly easy pattern since some of our members are just beginning. Don’t choose a pattern that contains y-seams or partial seams, applique, no paper piecing etc. Be careful of copyright materials. Although we are not doing this for profit so we should be ok but some designers get upset about copying patterns.

4-Use fabric in your stash that compliments the fabric from your swapper .

I've picked my quilt block pattern out:  Pennsylvania

I haven't decided what fabric I want to send out yet.  I plan to go fabric shopping after work on Friday, so I hope to update this post with pictures of my fabric.  Do you think I should send out a background solid or a print?

Sign-ups end January 7th so there's still time to come join in!




  1. Oh if I could quilt better I would certainly love to do this.

  2. Sounds like fun! Looking forward to seeing your choice of fabric

  3. Hope you made it to FNwf this month. I LoVe the idea of this boomerang swap too... xox

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'll bet is a great surprise when you see what fabrics you get back.


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