Sunday, January 22, 2023

15 Minutes to Stitch ~ 1/22/2023 ~ Before and After


One of my "plans" for 2023 is to spend 15 minutes a day stitching.  That might entail sewing, quilting, crocheting anything else I might come up with.  I'll be joining in with Kate @ Life in Pieces.


I didn't get 15 minutes stitching time every day this week, but I did put in longer stitching time on both Monday and Wednesday.

I was working on sewing Friendship Swap quilt block.  Here are the before and afters of what I got accomplished.




I also received one of my completed swap blocks back. I sent the pink fabric along with a pattern from called Pennsylvania.  I am so happy with this block I received.  I can't wait to get more!

What are you stitching this week?



  1. oooh I love the weathervane block, so pretty! xx

  2. Very pretty blocks! I just used that butterfly fabric myself in a project.

  3. Sometimes you have to take what you can get when you can get it. You still did well on getting those Friendship swap blocks done.

  4. You've made some wonderful blocks. I often turn to Quilters Cache when I need to come up with a new (to me block.) Great job. Are all the participants sewing the same block for you or did you send a variety of blocks?

  5. Your Friendship block is so pretty! I always admire quilters who can keep their points as you did on that second block!

  6. What great blocks. If I hadn't settled (finally!) on an RSC block, I think I'd pick that Arkansas Cross Roads. It has lots of versatility with settings. The Friendship block is another great choice!

  7. Colletta I love the 15 minutes a day concept. When I have been in a rut, that motto has helped kick start me. I love love love your blocks. So pretty. I would share what I am working on but my list is a bit long as I am ADHD and can't focus on one thing at a time. You can jump over to to see what I am working on. Good luck this week!

  8. Your blocks are beautiful, Colletta. The block you received is beautiful too. I love the butterflies!


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