Thursday, March 5, 2020

Journal Entry ~ 2/26/20-3/3/20

A few sentences about each day...

February 26, 2020 - March 3, 2020

26/Wed ~ I just don't know what to do with my hair!  I don't like my current style.  I can't decide if it is the cut or the highlights.  I might go tomorrow and get "something' done but I'm still not sure what!  I wish I could find a cut/color that I like and just stick with it!

27/Thurs ~ I decided to change up my hair color.  I got rid of my blonde highlights and went with an all-over "mocha".  The highlights are shining through as a reddish color that I love!  I decided to keep the undercut (for now) but let the top layers grow to about chin length.  I have 3"-4" to go.  The stylist did a great job!

28/Fri ~ After school Laken and a few of her friends walked to a nearby coffee shop.  She thought she was big stuff!  hehe  I'm glad she had a good time and it is good for her to spread her wings a bit.

29/Sat ~ Doug worked on the bedroom closets today and we made a trip to Ollie's to look for curtains for on the closets.  Success!  Today is "Leap Day"!

1/Sun ~ February is FINALLY over and my Birth Month is here!  Happy March!

2/Mon ~ My mammogram came back normal.  Hallelujah!  Good to go for another year.  I fasted this morning so I could get my routine blood work done as well.  Now to wait for the results...

3/Tues ~ I have to make it an early night tonight.  Laken and I have to get up at 3am to her ready for the Science Olympiad.  The bus leaves the school at 5am sharp and we have a 30 minute drive to get there.  Laken is so excited about this trip!  She loves science!

Until next week,



  1. Sounds like a busy week for you. I am thankful that your mammogram came back clear. I love that Laken thought the coffee shop was a huge deal!

  2. Ohhhhh, I have such a love hate relationship with my hair. I lost it due to cancer and it never grew back thick, sigh...I have since found a new hairstylist and she has been wonderful.

    Thankful for your mammogram coming back clear...ugh, I have to get blood work done as well.

    Have a great day friend.

    1. Finding a good stylist is key, I think. You have a great day as well :)

  3. I'm always trying something new with my hair, someday I hope to find the right style, whatever it may be! Great news on the mammogram, something we all like to see. I'm past due, need to get it done soon.

    1. Yes, you do! We ladies must stay on top of our preventative tests, horrid as they are!


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