Wednesday, March 4, 2020

A Simple Woman's Daybook ~ 3/4/20

Looking out my window:

I'm writing this at 7:30am on Tuesday morning.  The sun hasn't started to shine yet.  I'll have to check the weather and see if we are in for some rain or just a cloudy day.

I am thinking:

I am thinking about all I have to do today.  I didn't go grocery shopping yesterday as I had a doctor's appointment so getting groceries is my main ticket item for the day as we are running low on EVERYTHING!

I am thankful:

I am thankful that Laken and I were able to chase the bus down this morning!  The bus driver was early and we were just getting in the car to drive to the bus stop when she flew by!  We caught up to her at the next stop and Laken got on with some of the kids that live up the road.

One of my favorite things:

One of my favorite things is blogging!  I truly enjoy writing and reading blog posts.

I am creating:

I am still....

"I am creating a Prayer Shawl for my "Angel".  I've been working on it for what feels like weeks and am on the home stretch!  I'm using Red Heart Ombre in Scuba."

I am wearing:

My warm, fuzzy PJ's.

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to:

I am reading "A Dangerous Legacy" by Elizabeth Camden.  I love everything I read by Elizabeth Camden and so far this book is not different.  It is about early 1900's newspapers and Morse Code.  So interesting!

I am hoping:

I am hoping to be able to relax a few more minutes this morning before heading off for groceries.

I am learning:

I am learning about the evil woman Athaliah from 2 Chronicles 22 in my "Really Bad Girls of the Bible" class.  We're on the second half of the lesson and this woman was truly evil.  It turns out that her parent were Jezebel and Ahab, so no wonder she turned out so to be so wicked!

In my kitchen:

Sun:  Church Potluck
Mon:  Pizza and Wings
Tues:  Fish and Fries
Wed:  Ham Pot Pie
Thurs:Chinese, Rice
Fri:  Chicken Parm and Noodles
Sat:  Grilled Cheese, Soup

Shared Quote:

"If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me."

Jeremiah 29:13 NLT

A moment from my day:

Kona, our chocolate/silver lab who loves attention and giving kisses :)

Have a Blessed Day!



  1. I hate to go grocery shopping, but I have to do it more often these days as we need fresh produce and I can only keep so much at one time.

    1. I don't hate the shopping part as much as the putting everything away!

  2. Grocery shopping not much fun, but you gotta do it. Glad you were able to catch the bus. Fun picture of your dog. Have a good day.

  3. Great picture of your dog. Love the pictures in your prayer shawl.

  4. Enjoyed reading your daybook!! I would love to have a prayer shawl, I've looked at several on some websites just haven't ordered one yet. Maybe I'll get that done soon. The menu for the week looks good, I would enjoy a grilled cheese and a bowl of soup. Always looking for the Lord because I need Him. Hope you're having a good day.

  5. A sweet photo of your dog. Pets are so special. I enjoyed your daybook post. Your menu for the coming week looks yummy.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend...

  6. Love your blog! Your prayer shawl project is beautiful. Your dog looks like a really sweet pup. We're huge dog lovers here. I hope you had a wonderul Easter!


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