Sunday, September 20, 2015

Songs on Sunday ~ Til the Day I Die ~ 9/20/15

I thought I'd feature a song today that is a little bit different than my usual features.  TOBYMAC!!!

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  1. AND, nearly every day these past 4 months, I keep hearing that "you'll be in Heaven soon!" The Lord healed me and protected me many times when I was a kid and adult, until I was nearly 40. He healed my heart several times. SO at 70, if I'm in Heaven soon, it will be nearly 1/2 my life has been filled with faithfulness and protection and healing. I always smile. He broke into my life officially when I was 20 and I turned to Him, April 15, '66. Now I've been a missionary, a helper, a worker, and a long-time worshiper. Anyhow, thanks for sharing this. It grabbed my attention just now. Blessings...

  2. beautiful! I love worship and singing is one of my favorite ways to do it. Thank you for sharing this at Weekend Whispers.


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