Monday, September 28, 2015

Make it Monday ~ Scrappy Granny Stripe ~ 9/28/15

Have you ever made a scrapghan?  The closest I've made to one was using scrap yarn to create my Weekend in Stockholm afghan.
My current WIP is a true scrapghan, though.  I'm using skeins of yarn that were left over from other projects.  My options were to try to return them or meld them together and see what the outcome looks like.  I chose to be adventurous :)
Below are all the colors that I had a complete skein left.  They are all Red Heart Super Saver.  Per my usual, here is the "before" yarn:

They're not exactly colors that I would EVER have put together but I kinda like it so far.  I have two skeins of the gray so I'm thinking about using that for the border to tie it all in.

I'm using my go-to Granny Stripe pattern.  It is nice and easy for crocheting while watching TV.

It is also a nice break from all those African Flowers!
What do you think so far?  I'd love to see any scrapghans that you've made.
Please leave me a comment with a link so I can return the visit!!


  1. I should PROBABLY make a scrapghan but no, no I have not! This is beautiful, though! :)

  2. Hello, What a lovely and cozy blanket you are making! I need a bit of encouragement to get going on a few projects myself.
    Have a wonderful fall...
    Blessings, Roxy

  3. I am in awe of people who make afghans.....the end product is always so lovely. Say-I just spent 24 hours in Stockholm!

  4. I love it, the colours look great together and it's a brilliant way of using up skeins.

  5. Oh I'm sure I've got enough scraps - but perhaps not quite enough motivation!! I love your scrapghan - it's so beautifully bright and cheerful!

  6. I think crochet really lends itself to scrappy projects. Those colours look lovely together

  7. Ooh that looks awesome, I really like the colours together :)


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