Sunday, June 17, 2012

All Series, All Summer 2012

The goal for "All Series, All Summer" is to take the summer to read the books that are part of a series and have been sitting on the bookshelf for way too long.  This feature is being hosted by "On A Book Bender" and "Reading the Paranormal".

I pulled 10 books off my shelves that will finish up 7 different series. they are:

Heart of the West by Maggie Brendan completed 6/26/12
#3 ~ A Love of Her Own 6/26/12 Review

Texas Star of Destiny by Lyn Cote completed 7/19/12
#2 ~ Her Inheritance Forever  7/18/12 Review
#3 ~ Her Abundant Joy 7/19/12 Review

Crossroads Crisis Center by Vicki Hinze
 #3 ~ Not This Time

The Daughters of Jacob Kane by Sharlene MacLaren completed 7/12/12
#2 ~ Maggie Rose 7/10/12 Review
#3 ~ Abbie Ann 7/12/12 Review

Montana Marriages by Mary Connealy completed 6/23/12
#3 ~ Wildflower Bride  6/23/12 Review

Texas Dreams by Amanda Cabot completed 7/5/12
#2 ~ Scattered Petals 7/2/12 Review
#3 ~ Tomorrow's Garden 7/5/12 Review

Timber Ridge Reflections by Tamera Alexander completed 6/20/12
#3 ~ Within My Heart   6/20/12  Review

Most of these books are the same genre and I like to mix it up a bit.  So, I'm sure I'll be reading other books in between here and there but my goal is to finish this list before Summer's end.

If you'd like to join in and get some of those series finished up, please stop by the hosts' blogs for more details.

Have a great Summer!


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