Monday, June 25, 2012

The Men in My Life~ Listiciles ~ 6/25/12

"10 Happy Memories of the Men in My Life"

I'll start with the earliest and work my way forward:

1.  My Dad swinging me high in the air.

2.  My Pap taking me to the store with him and buying me a little bag of Doritos or a candy bar.

3.  Tagging along with my brother and his friends.  He always let me :)

4.  My first kiss which happened to be with my husband :)

5.  Doug's proposal!  So romantic...sigh...

6.  My Dad giving me away at our wedding.

7.  Our honeymoon to Disney World in 2000.

8.  Doug when we had baby girl #1.  He said she was as purple as Barnie.

9.  Doug when we had baby girl #2.  He almost cried.

10.  Getting my Dad to go on the Lady of the Mist at Niagra Falls.  It took some fancy talking :)

There are so many more.  I could go on and on and hope to make many more happy memories!  Love you, guys!

Do you have 10 special memories of the men in your life?

Have fun!

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  1. great memories! Not many brothers would let their little sis hang out with them.

  2. Love this! It is amazing to see the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of the most important men in your life! You have such a good life! Happy for you.

  3. What??? That was 10? It was over way too fast. What a great list...I could have kept reading and reading.



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