Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stacking the Shelves ~ 6/16/12



Here's what I stacked my shelves with this week:
(After being away on vacation for almost 2 weeks, my husband went to the PO and go the mail this morning.  My dining room table was pretty much covered with books and mail when I started looking through it all.  So, this Stacking the Shelves is a pretty large haul.)

Tomorrow's Garden (Texas Dreams, Bk 3)
"Tomorrow's Garden"
Author:  Amanda Cabot
Series:  Texas Dreams book 3

Digitalis (Discarded Heroes, Bk 2)
Author:  Ronie Kendig
Series:  Discarded Heroes book 2

Not This Time (Crossroads Crisis Center, Bk 3)
"Not This Time"
Author:  Vicki Hinze
Series:  Crossroads Crisis Center Book 3

The Chase: A Novel (Crime Scene: Houston)
"The Chase"
Author:  DiAnn Mills
Series:  Crime Scene Houston Book 1

Off Balance: A Memoir
"Off Balance"
Author:  Dominique Moceanue
(non-fiction for my 35 X 35!)

The Man Who Loved Jane Austen
"The Man Who Loved Jane Austen"
Author:  Sally Smith O'Rourke

The Maidenstone Lighthouse
"The Maidenstone Lighthouse"
Author:  Sally Smith O'Rourke

 Waterfall (River of Time, Bk 1)
Author:  Lisa T Bergren
Series:  The River of Time  Book 1

Larkspur Cove
"Larkspur Cove"
Author:  Lisa Wingate

Mr. Knightley's Diary
"Mr. Knightley's Diary"
Author:  Amanda Grange

Bandit's Hope (Backwoods Brides)
"Bandit's Hope"
Author:  Marcia Gruver
Series:  Backwoods Brides Book 2

Outlander (Outlander, Bk 1)
Author:  Diana Gabaldon
Series:  Outlander Book 1

Dead Men Don't Crochet (Tarzana Hookers, Bk 2)
"Dead Men Don't Crochet"
Author:  Betty Hechtman
Series:  Crochet Mystery Book 2

By Hook or by Crook (Tarzana Hookers, Bk 3)
"By Hook or By Crook"
Author:  Betty Hechtman
Series:  Crochet Mystery Book 3

A Stitch in Crime (Tarzana Hookers, Bk 4)
"A Stitch in Crime"
Author:  Betty Hechtman
Series:  Crochet Mystery Book 4

 So that is IT!   Now I have to find some room on my shelves to stack them :)

Thank you, Tynga, for hosting!


  1. I actually haven't read or heard of any of these books but they look really good and I love that title "A Stitch in Crime" Enjoy!

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  2. I haven't read or heard of these but I hope you enjoy them all :D

    Here is my weekly round up post.
    Lauren from Northern Plunder

  3. The only one I've ever heard of is Waterfall. The rest of these are new to me.


  4. Great set! So cool that you got Off Balance. I'm hoping to read it soon.
    My BEA Bookish Recap


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