Monday, June 4, 2012

Book Goals ~ A Musing ~ 6/4/12

Each week Miz B at Should Be Reading asks a bookish question to muse over.

This week's musing:

"Do you have a reading goal for the year, such as __ books? Why or why not?"

I don't set a yearly goal.  I'll tell you why. 
It stresses me out and my reading starts becoming about a number and not about enjoyment.  That being said, I usually read 2-3 books a week but it doesn't stress me if I don't make that number.  It is just my average.
I did enjoy participating in my first read-a-thon a few weeks ago where I set a goal of 5 books in one week and reached my goal in plenty of time.  A short term goal such as that was fun but to set a major goal for a year just isn't.
I try to keep it fun by just seeing how many I can read in a year without attaching a certain number to it.  I'm a rebel like that.
Do you set a reading goal for the year?

Musing along,


  1. Exactly! I can't take the stress!

    Not if there were like a money prize or something I might consider it.... ;-)

  2. I've been in a reading slump lately, so setting goals of #s of books would really stress me out!


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