Monday, February 21, 2011

"Expect the Sunrise" by Susan May Warren

Team Hope Book 3

Expect the Sunrise (Team Hope, Bk 3)

Team Hope Book 1:  "Flee the Night"
Team Hope Book 2:  "Escape to Morning"

Book Description:

Is it an accident . . . or an ambush?

When their plane crashes high in the Alaskan forest, seven survivors face the challenge of a lifetime -- freezing nights, mountain dangers, and injuries. And when suspicions arise about one survivor, they realize their greatest threat is each other.

Mountain rescuer Andee MacLeod and FBI agent Stirling Mac McRae must work together if they hope to survive. But will their secrets keep them apart? They'll have to learn to trust each other if they want to expect the sunrise.

My Thoughts:

I loved all three of the Team Hope books.  Loved them.  Susan May Warren has become one of my favorite, go-to authors.

It was so interesting to "learn" more about survival and Search and Rescue.

Andee was so independent and capable and Mac was so suspicious and cautious.  The romance took a while to really get going but then it grew to love very quickly.

There was lots of action and suspense as well has the interesting interaction and dynamics between people of different character types.  I really had no idea which one was going to turn out to be the terrorist until it actually happened.

The way the members of Team Hope form their own family is so endearing.  I would really love to read Conner's story and even emailed the author to ask if she plans on writing it.  I haven't gotten a reply so far.  lol

This series is definitely worth reading and has really heightened my interest in Christian Suspense.  Lots more books went on my wishlist.

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