Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine's Date Night

I'm really feeling some winter blah's right now and decided I need to focus on something to look forward to.

We've scheduled a date night for Valentine's "week".  There was no way it would happen on a Monday night.  If we're lucky, we'll get to sleep alone that night.  (4yo who thinks our bed is her's.)

As it happens, Doug is working daylight that week and will be home in the evenings.  This means our date can be in the evening and the girls can spend the night at G&P's (Gram & Pap's).

So Friday, February 18th, it is!

A date and an evening/night all alone.  I don't know when that happened last.

We'll be going to "The Olive Garden".  Thanks Sean and Kayla for the giftcard at Christmas!

Then we'll be going to a movie!  What?  Actually go to a theater and see a movie that we get to pick out!  All by ourselves?!?  Thanks to my brother, Dan for the specified "Date Money" he gave us for Christmas.  He knows us so well.

Oh, I'm getting all excited about looking on the internet to see what movies will be playing!  When we were dating that was a weekly tradition.  Oh, the excitement.  I can hardly contain it!

What will I wear?  Should I go get my hair done?  Maybe even my eyebrows?  I'll definitely shave my  legs.  Well, probably.  Maybe I'll even break out a new razor!!

Will Doug actually shave and clean the car out like he used to before our dates?  Without me telling him to, that is?  Oh, if only...  Be still my heart!

10 days and counting.

Anyone know of a good movie that will be playing in the theaters on the 18th?

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  1. What a sweet blog. I don't know of a movie playing for a guy and a girl, They all seem to be for one or the other! Hoope your Date Night is scrumptious! Blessings, Mollye

  2. How wonderful (and necessary) that you and the hubby are taking time for a Date Night! I had to chuckle at your list of preparations and how you might, just maybe, actually "break out a new razor". :) Great post!

  3. Sounds like a sweet night for you ...enjoy !!!

  4. woo hoo. sounds like it's going to be a great date. As for a good movie..the only ones I know are kids ones....

  5. Your excitement made me smile! I love "date nights" with the husband. Now that we're empty nesters, we have more of them.

    Definitely break out the new razor. LOL

  6. My Hubbie and I are retired and don't do much nighttime 'dating'. What we love is a movie day (yes.. a whole day) when we see three movies. We have lunch and afternoon tea between movies...... Wonderful.....
    Enjoy your Date
    God Bless
    Barb from Australia


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