Thursday, February 3, 2011

Queen of the Castle ~ Week 5

Week 5 ~ Celebrating Creativity
in Small Snatches
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Question: Have you ever forgotten to make supper because you've been caught up in a project? My answer: yes.

According to Prevention Magazine, needlework can relieve stress by breaking your conscious train of thought.  It also decreases blood pressure and heart rate, slows breathing and provides feelings of calm.  They suggest practice your needlework craft at least twenty minutes a day.  (only 20 minutes?)

As you can tell from my blog, I've already figured this out.  There are certain things that I like to make sure I do everyday for my sanity.  Craft, exercise, read (fiction), Bible study, get outside and shower.  lol

As this week's lesson describes, I sometimes have to do these in small snatches, sometimes hiding myself away for a few minutes.

Does the "Call of Duty", aka, dishes, laundry, getting the 5th drink for a pre-schooler, sometimes get in the way?  Yes, and that is when I have to reset my priorities.
Susan Branch, says: "Homemaking is the most creative job there is--we're always making something from nothing! It's cooking, decorating, gardening, arranging and planning--not to mention child care, which requires a Michelangelo of Creativity--all tru arts."
Even my "Household Duties" can get in the way of my main priority:  raising godly children and taking care of their needs.  Physical, mental, emotional and all those other aspects that make up kids. 

I can get caught up in the "I want to get all the major cleaning done today" whirlwind and might miss the special moment of playing in the snow with Daddy and the girls.  This happened the other day.  Guess where I ended up?  Out in the snow getting wet and cold and having a ball doing it.

I love my job.  I am a homemaker, wife and mother.  I love that I can be creative in my job and move tasks aroud on my schedule with a moments notice. 

I love that I get to take care of the family God has given me.  I pray for the guidance to do so.

People always say to enjoy your children because they are only small for a short time.

LBW, reminds us with Ecclesiastes 3 that there will be a time for everything and the seasons of our life will change along with our responsibilties.

I try to remember this when I'm cleaning the toys, clothes etc up off the floor for the millionth time.  There will be a time when I no longer have that honor.  My children will grow up and move out (hopefully not too far from home). :(

So, in conclusion, make sure you take time to do the things you like to do but make sure not to neglect your family while doing so. 

I guess that means I can't forget to make supper because I'm working on a project...

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  1. I am behind in reading and posting. I'll get caught up this week!

  2. I just discovered your blog and am really enjoying it. I love this post. One question--how do you fit in daily exercise? I am trying to figure out how to exercise more often and am having a really hard time finding the time to do it (my kids are 1 1/2 and 4). Thanks!


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