Thursday, February 3, 2011

Book Review: "Eye of the God" by Ariel Allison

Eye of the God

Book Description:

"Eye of the God" takes the fascinating history surrounding the Hope Diamond and weaves it together with a present-day plot to steal the jewel from the Smithsonian Institute. — We follow Alex and Isaac Weld, the most lucrative jewel thieves in the world, in their quest to steal the gem, which according to legend was once the eye of a Hindu idol named Rama Sita. When it was stolen in the 17th century, it is said that the idol cursed all those who would possess it. That won’t stop the brilliant and ruthless Weld brothers.

However, they are not prepared for Dr. Abigail Mitchell, the beautiful Smithsonian Director, who has her own connection to the Hope Diamond and a deadly secret to keep. Abby committed long ago that she would not serve a god made with human hands, and the “eye of the god” is no exception. Her desire is not for wealth, but for wisdom. She seeks not power, but restoration.

When the dust settles over the last great adventure of the Hope Diamond, readers will understand the “curse” that has haunted its legacy is nothing more than the greed of evil men who bring destruction upon themselves. No god chiseled from stone can direct the fates of humankind, nor can it change the course of God’s story.

My Thoughts:

The description is a little misleading.  While this book is very, very good, there isn't much of a faith story until the very end.  Just wanted to say that first thing.

I loved this book!  It was so interesting, intriguing, exciting, suspenseful and everything that makes a book good.

I love history, but I have to say that I did kind of skim over certain parts where it goes back in history because I was so caught up in the modern day heist/romance that was taking place that I didn't want to spend time in the past. 

I did read all of the original owners story though.  Very interesting.

This was a great suspense novel but I almost wouldn't have thought it to be in the "inspirational" or "Christian" category except for a few paragraphs out of the whole book.

I'll be passing this one on to my aunt, who saw me with it and just has to read it next!

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