Monday, February 21, 2011

"Simply Sara" by Hillary Manton Lodge

Plain & Simple Book 2

Simply Sara

Book 1:  "Plain Jayne"

Book Description:

Following up on Plain Jayne, a fun new look at Amish life from the outside in, author Hillary Manton Lodge continues with young Sara Burkholder's perspective on English life and romance in Simply Sara.

Sara, who left her Amish family to live with Jane, discovers that the English world is a bit more challenging than she expected. As she finds a job, buys English clothes, wears makeup, and learns to drive, she begins a journey to becoming the person she might have been had she not been born into an Amish family.

But when romance becomes complicated and school proves difficult, Sara escapes to her Amish sister?s home, wondering if she should return to the life she left. Torn, she seeks answers in prayer, but is the God she is seeking the same in both worlds? What?s a quilt-making, fashion-loving, formerly Plain girl to do when a new way of life starts to change her?

My Thoughts:

This book had:

Book Stores
Fabric & Fabric Stores
Movie Night

Everything I LOVE!  It was the perfect book for someone with my likes and hobbies!

Not to mention the sweet love story that slowly unfolded between Sara and Will.  So sweet.

I enjoyed revisiting Jayne and Levi also.

This was just a great book.  I'm looking forward to the next book from Hillary Manton Lodge!

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