Sunday, October 17, 2010

Book Review: "The Perfect Blend" by Trish Perry

The Tea Shop Series Book #1
The Perfect Blend (The Tea Shop Series #1)
Book Description:

Steph Vandergrift is in need of a job. She left everything behind to elope with Middleburg attorney Rick Manfred, never imagining he would stand her up at the altar. Now, hoping just to get by until she can decide what to do next, Steph thinks she's found the perfect position at the local tea shop.

Kendall James, one of the kindest and most eligible bachelors in the area, meets Steph and proceeds to pursue her. But by the time Steph feels able to consider dating again, her runaway fiance returns and tries to win her back. Steph is wary, but she and Rick always seemed to blend so well. Are they truly meant to be together, or does God have something else in mind?

My Thoughts:

I impatiently waited for the release of Trish Perry's new novel.  She has also become one of my favorite authors. 

This is the first book I've bought this year brand new from a book store.  Our hometown Library had a benefit day with Waldon Book/Borders and I used that excuse to buy this book!  It helped out the Library and I didn't have to wait to get read this book.  Win, win!

As for what I thought of the book, I loved it!  I've been saying that a lot lately but I've been reading some really great books.

At times I thought Steph was really a simpleton.  She seems to fall into trouble everywhere she goes.  It then became endearing and I was definitely routing for her to gain her independance and also find true love.

Kendall just made my heart swoon.  Can your heart swoon?  Mine did.  The author's descriptions of him made me fall just a little bit in love.  It is a good thing he is a fictional character!

I wish I could visit the Tea Shop and meet Millie.  There are a bunch of great recipes in the back of the book that were served at the Tea Shop.  Can't wait to try out the scones.

If this book looks interesting to you, keep checking back.  I'm planning a Blogaversary Giveaway with lots of great stuff!  This book just might be included...

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