Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Book Review: "The Falcon and the Sparrow" by M.L. Tyndall

The Falcon and the Sparrow

Book Description:

The intrigue and passion of The Falcon and the Sparrow will leave you breathless.

Follow the trail of Dominique Dawson, a reluctant spy who is forced to betray England or never see her brother again. As she takes a position as the governess of a Rear Admiral's son, her real mission is to gather intelligence information for Napoleon.

Chase Randal, irresistibly drawn to his son's new governess, reluctantly allows the attraction to grow. Is there a future for the spy and the rear admiral? Or will Dominique's deception crush any prospect of a lasting happiness?

My Thoughts:

I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  It is the first book from this author that I've read, but I have a few more on my TBR pile.

I like the fact that the Admiral's first marriage had been a love-match and that he truly mourned his wife.  It did make me sad at how he treated his son due to the fact that he reminded the Admiral so much of his wife that it hurt to really spend time with the son.

Dominique was so timid in some ways and strong in others.  Her relationship with her young charge, the Admiral's son, was so touching.

However, the entire book I keep yelling in my head for Dominique to just tell the Admiral about the trouble her brother was in.  The Admiral could then have swooped in and saved her brother, indebting her to him forever.

Oh well.  Maybe in another book.

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