Sunday, June 13, 2010

Book Review: "Love Finds You in Humble Texas" by Anita Higman

Book Description:
Trudie Abernathy is a little inelegant, and shes never had much luck in love. To make matters worse, her thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and her sister, Lane, has decided to treat her to a makeover and a few blind dates. Trudie is about to protest, but then she meets the kind and handsome Mason Williamson. In spite of her humble manner, Mason finds her attractive, funny and smart. But Lane inexplicably pushes Trudie away from Mason and toward the other willing suitors. The makeover has transformed Trudie from ordinary into stunning, but she isnt sure how she feels about all the attention from men. Can Trudie stay true to her humble self and find her hearts desire in the process?

My Thoughts:
I'm really enjoying the "Love Finds You" series. This book was one of my favorite so far.

The "pretty sister" sets the "mousy sister" up with "superman". They hit it off and it looked like true love was on the horizon. Then "pretty sister" decides that she loves "Superman" so "mousy sister" step aside.

I understand the love between sisters but I thought it was so selfish of the "pretty sister" to allow her sister to go through that kind of heartache because she was so fickle.

It turns out nicely in the end in a very artful, out-of-this-world, happily-ever-after.
Another great "Love Finds You" book.

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