Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Looking Back At 2020 ~ 12/30/2020

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Today’s question is – Looking back on 2020, what is something that had a big impact on you?

My Answer -  Now here's a loaded question!

I'm not going to get political, so I'd say the thing that had the biggest impact on me is everyone being home more.

The hubby and Kaylee still had to go to work, but Laken's school was on a hybrid schedule and now is all virtual.  I can't say that I mind sleeping in and not having to fight her to get up for the school bus...  However, I don't think most kids are getting the education that they should be getting and I worry about Laken falling behind even though she is getting all A's on her work.  I'm just not sure if the workload is up to par.

We've had to learn to be creative with our downtime.  We've put more puzzles together this year than ever before.  We've played family games and had matches of 500 Rummy.  We've learned new recipes.

Basically, we've had to adapt.  BUT, I do hope that things normalize a bit more.

What is something that had a big impact on you in 2020?


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  1. 2020 has been a huge impact on most everyone. I believe the first bit of quarantine was a nice break and I enjoyed that we were not as busy, but it has impacted the time I spend with my friends and that upsets me.

    1. It has been an adjustment to us all. Happy New Year!

  2. I certainly feel for Laken...we have grand nieces and a nephew on hybrid and remote schedules and I sub too...its just enough...sigh. I probably should just leave it at that. sigh.

    Wishing you a beautiful Happy New Year. Here is to a better upcoming year, hopefully/prayerfully. smiles

  3. I am happy that your family adapted and made the best use of the time together, enjoying more family time. But I feel your concerns for your daughter's schoolwork, as well as the interaction with other young people her age. I think these kids are really missing out on so much social development that is crucial at this age. Yes, praying for a better 2021 in every way. We will all need a LOT of prayer...

    1. Thanks for stopping by and your comment. It mean a lot. Have a wonderful New Year's :)


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