Thursday, December 10, 2020

Thankful Thursday ~ 12/10/2020

Here are some things that made me thankful/smile/excited this week:


~ Presents are wrapped!  Pretty self-explanatory but the presents have all been wrapped with care and are awaiting Christmas.  It is so hard for me to wait and not give early gifts!

~Daily Bible Reading!  I'm reading the One Year Chronological Bible and being that it is December 10th, there are only a few weeks to go until I start over "In the Beginning" :)  I can say that days go better when I'm in the Word!

~A Cricut!  Kaylee ordered a Cricut Maker and it arrived yesterday!  She is so excited to be back at creating and being artistic.  That is what she loves.  I can't wait to see wait she creates :)

~Christmas Movies!  Last year I just wasn't into watching Christmas movies.  This year I've done a complete turn-about.  We've been watching Christmas movies non-stop.  Hallmark's movies are my favorites but Lifetime has a few good ones also :)

~Gin Rummy!  My Dad taught me how to play Gin Rummy many, many years ago.  Every once in a while, he'll pull out the deck of cards and talk me into playing a hand or two.  The other night we ended up playing 500 Rummy together.  I cherish the time we spend together :)

What are you thankful for/smiling/exited about this week?  Tell me all the good stuff! 


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  1. I have SO much wrapping to do—but my baking is done!

  2. We have some crazy competitive game of rummy over here :) I can never win against the hubby - he's a genius at it.
    I haven't wrapped one gift... I'm in trouble

  3. Being in the Word definitely makes the day go better. It puts me in the right frame of mind and gets it off to a good start.
    My daughter wants a Cricut.
    Not a lick of wrapping done. I hate it so I procrastinate...and then Dec. 24 I'm going to hate myself. lol Actually, I am determined to get on it this year and not wait until the last minute.

  4. I don't even have any shopping done. Next week I will shop til I drop. I've had a stiff neck and can't do a lot or even spend time online. It is getting better now that I've been resting it some, and so next week will be a marathon week of shopping and then wrapping. We don't have that many to buy for and don't have any little ones any more, so it is pretty simple...just needs to get done. I am glad you spend time with your father playing cards...the most important part is just being together when you can. Does he live with you? You are blessed to still have him in your life. Enjoy him all you can!! Merry Christmas!


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