Friday, December 4, 2020

Book Blogger Hop ~ 12/4/2020

Q.  How many blogs do you own?

A.  I only run one blog, Colletta's Kitchen Sink.  

I've started a few others over the years but they didn't stick like this one has.  I've been blogging on Colletta's Kitchen Sink for almost 12 years!  Hard to believe :)

If you blog, how many blogs do you own?

Bookishly Yours,


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  1. I only have my one blog. I did start a blog for my son's woodworking business a few years ago, and was posting pictures of projects he was doing with a story, but then he started into a more precise business of making bathroom shelves to sell on Etsy and wasn't doing the variety of projects so much anymore, so I gave it up. It's still out there, but not updated in a long time. My one blog is all I can manage and keep up with comments and reading other blogging friends' blogs too. I've had my blog since 2010, so I guess it's been 10 years already!


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