Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Christmas Traditions ~ 12/9/2020

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Today’s question is – Do you have any family Christmas traditions?

My Answer -  One of my favorite traditions that we started the year our oldest was born is to get each child a Christmas ornament that commemorates that year in some way.  The idea is that when they get their own house and have their own Christmas tree, their ornaments go with them and become cherished memories.

This is Kaylee's 20th Christmas!  I can't believe it!  So, she has 20 ornaments.  This is Laken's 14th Christmas so she has 14 ornaments so far. It is always so much fun to get the Christmas ornaments out each year and remember what was going on in their lives.

Another tradition that started way before I was born, with my Gram, was the making of Nut Horns.  Nut Horns are a little cookie make from a yeast dough and chopped walnuts.  The walnuts are rolled up within a triangle of the dough and baked.  Confectioners sugar sprinkled on top is optional but I love it!

One more tradition is Christmas Caroling with my Church family.  The Sunday evening before Christmas we walk around our little town and sing carols at doorsteps.  It is all very Hallmark Christmas movie-like!  Although we do get the occasional Scrooge who shuts the door in our faces  :(  Bah-Humbug!  After we're about as cold as we can stand, we go back to the Church social hall for hot chocolate and cookies.  Good times!

Do you have any family Christmas traditions?


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  1. What great traditions!!! We get ornaments, or at least try to, every year as well. I love the idea of caroling, but have never gone. Maybe I'll have to visit you some time!

  2. I love they have an ornament for each year ... so special & a keepsake

  3. My aunt bought me an ornament or two every year when I was growing up. They were all characters from Beatrice Potter stories. My aunt liked them more than I did, but I never told her. :) My mom bought Santas for my son and angels for my daughter. Now I buy ornaments for the grands. One gets snowmen, one gets elves, one reindeer, and one penguins. I hope they will appreciate them when they are older.

    My mom and I make nut rolls every year (though this year is in question). We don't make the big bread-like ones. Ours are bite-sized with more of a pastry like dough. We make them with nut filling, poppy seeds, apricot, cherry, pineapple, blueberry, or strawberry. They are terribly addicting. :)

  4. I love that your church family still does the Christmas caroling. I miss that. We did that with a little church we pastored many years ago. We actually rode around on a hay wagon (it was a rural community) and would stop at homes of shut-ins we knew and sing. Our youth went with us. It was great fun and a wonderful way to bless some folks who couldn't come out to church. I miss that. Love your ornament traditions too. We didn't do that, but our tree is loaded with lots of memories from our 51 years of marriage and 3 kids. Thank you for sharing your traditions with us. I loved this.


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