Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Tuesday 4 ~ Gift of the Magi ~ 12/8/2020


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Let's talk about gifts this week.

1. Whether it's Christmas, Chanukah or a birthday party nice gifts can be hard to pick out.  Is there a safe go to gift you think will fit anyone? 

Well, there is the Gift Card easy-peasy route but that isn't much fun, is it?  As for a gift that will fit ANYONE, I think that would be hard to pick.  Everyone is so different.  It should be interesting to read others' answers :)

2. Is wrapping a gift a necessary part of the excitement of giving and receiving?

I don't think wrapping a gift is necessary, but seeing a wrapped gift come my way is super exciting!

3. What gifts given to you did you love the most?

I have a silver tray that my Grandmother always put cookies on at Christmas.  It was given to me after Gram passed away and I cherish it.

4. In the O. Henry book The Gift of the Magi, a man sells his pocket watch to buy some beautiful hair  combs  for his wife's long hair  but she has sold her hair to buy him a platinum pocket watch chain.

Have you ever saved long and hard to buy someone a special gift? Would you be okay with a holiday that  didn't include gifts? Would friends and family understand?

These days, it is so easy to charge gifts and pay later.  I don't know how popular saving first is these days but I do think it is the wise way to go.  I would be perfectly fine with a holiday that didn't include gifts as long as we get to spend the time with family (and have good food!)  My 13 year old would NOT be understanding if there were no gifts!  She's still young and has a lot of growing up to do :)


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  1. Oh I completely forgot about gift cards and they are a great gift idea! Thanks for taking part :)

  2. I think gift cards are a good answer. Loved your answers! Have a nice week.



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