Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Favorite Color Swap Sign-ups ~ Ends 4/24

I've decided to host my very first swap!

A few years ago I participated in a Favorite Color Swap and it was so much fun!

I hope you'll join in!

The Rules:

-Sign-ups will run from now until May 24, 2014.

-You must share this swap on your blog.

-You must be willing to send your swap partner a package worth $20-$25 (postage not included).

-The items in the package will be in your partner's favorite color.

-You must send the swap package on or before June 16, 2014 with delivery confirmation.

-You must be willing to do a reveal post sometime between June 22 and June 30th.

So, are you in?

If so,  please email the following information to me at 

-Your Name
-Your mailing address
-Your blog address
-Your favorite color
-Hobbies or interests
-Likes or Dislikes

As this is my first time hosting a swap, I'm going to keep it in the US only.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  This is a learning experience for me :)


  1. The first participant has signed up! So exciting!

  2. I signed up!! Sounds like fun!

  3. I am at work now but hopefully I can remember when I get home to come back and enter.


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