Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Chats on the Porch ~ 5/6/14

This week's questions are:

1. Do you like beans? (the dried bean variety) What do you like them in?

I do NOT like beans of any shape or form!  Yuck!

2. Does your house have enough storage?

No it does not!  That is why we put in a huge shed out back :)

3. Do you have any childhood memories of a store?

When I was little my grandmother ran a store.  I remember going there and helping her dust the shelves.  She'd give me a candy bar as pay :)

4. Do you ever shop at a farmers market?

I love shopping at farmers markets!  I love looking at all the variety and quality of produce.

5. Do you still have your wisdom teeth?Are you wise? :) :) :)

I don't have my wisdom teeth anymore.  I got them taken out about 4-5 years ago.  I guess I'm wiser than I once was!

Let's chat and get to know one another!

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  1. Hello, I like your friendly porch, I have a back porch that is screened in that I like to sit out sometimes. I am going to answer your ???
    I love beans...all kinds but esp. great northern beans made into soupbeans ate with cornbread.

    Storage..can there be enough? I have all closets full and 3 sheds out back loaded.not enough.

    you will laugh at my childhood store memories, we had a basement and saved cereal boxes and cans and made our store to play with..many enjoyable hours.

    I like to shop at the farmers mkt and get fresh veggies, don't do very often. we have a small garden. along with peach trees-grapevines and blueberry bushes.

    My wisdom teeth were removed many years ago ,guess that is why I am not wise...I will blame it on that and NOT old age as I am a senior now.

    I always enjoy your blog...you seem to have fun with it.

    thanks Paula O

  2. Hello Colletta! I am visiting with you from Patrice's Farmhouse Porch. It is so nice to make your acquaintance! You have created such a friendly, warm, welcoming environment here at your beautiful blog. I viewed your complete profile...and I have to ask this question. Is Hyndman, PA not far from Cumberland, MD? The reason I ask is because I noticed you located yourself about 2 hours from Pittsburgh. I live 30 minutes due East from Morgantown WV, which is also about 2 hours from Pittsburgh!

    I enjoyed reading your answers to Patrice's questions this week. I especially enjoyed hearing about your childhood memories of a store...helping in your grandma's store with the dusting! AWESOME!

    It is good to hear when people really do enjoy going to Farmer's Markets. Farmers work hard to produce food and so it warms my heart to know when someone does actually frequent their markets and help them out!

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. No beans? So no chili at your house. Do you think you were forced to eat them too much as a child. tee hee :)
    Have a great week!

  4. I was never a big fan of beans either, until recently, that is. It's interesting how tastes can change over time.

    Thanks for stopping by http://hip2bmom.com. Hope to see you again soon. Have a great week.

  5. Hi.
    Thank you for your comment in my blog.
    I love shopping at a farmers' market, too. In fact, I am going there tomorrow.
    Have a wonderful day.

    Romi @ In the Way Everlasting

  6. My grandma had a beauty shop...she would paint my nails as a reward for helping.

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog, come back anytime. I love, love your header, "and even the kitchen sink"..I don't know why..that put me into giggles.(smiles)--Blessings

  8. I enjoyed reading all of your answers!!


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