Monday, May 12, 2014

Family Time ~ T-Ball ~ 5/13/14

Last Tuesday was an exciting evening for the Miller Family.  It was Laken's very first t-ball game.  She's one of the few girls on the team but handles it very well.  Next year she'll be able to play on the Ponytail Team, but until then, t-ball it is.

She was very excited to get her official team hat and shirt!

That's my girl wearing her pink!

Up to bat for the very first time!

So nerve-wracking!

Coming in to home plate!

Holding her position in the outfield.

In the dugout with her teammates. 

I feel supporting each other in our endeavors is very important as a family.  My soon-to-be teenager knows that she's expected to be in the stands cheering her little sis on all the way.

Do you go to sporting events as a family?  How do the older siblings handle it?

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