Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Queen of the Castle ~ Week 9

Week 9 ~ When There's No Way
Around Busyness
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Have you ever put your head on your pillow at bedtime and wondered what in the world you did all day?  There are things on your to-do list that went un-checked and it seemed like you were play catch-up all day?  I know I do.

But then I start thinking over the day and realize that I was busy doing important things ALL day.  LBW says not to get discouraged at all the work still left to be done but to remember that you still put in a good day's work, no matter how many things are left on your to-do list.

"If we are following God's agenda, for our life and for our day, we may be busy, but we should have peace as we go."  LBW

Now there's a statement.  Feeling rushed, pressed and frantic are not feeling that God wants us to have.  We can ask for God's direction to know the things we need to make time for and the things that can wait.

Don't let the big picture overwhelm you, but take things step-by-step.  Ask the Lord, "What is the one thing I need to do next?"

Another point that LBW brings up is that just as there are seasons in life, each month of the year has different seasons also.  As our family's activities change, we have to adjust to our schedules and make changes where necessary.

She talks about during sports seasons she serves lots meals from the frozen food aisle.  And that is OK.  That is what she needs to do in that season of her family's life.

I think the main point is to "roll-with-it".  Yes, we have our to-do list, but if it doesn't get done, roll-it-over to tomorrow or the next day or the next week or better yet, if it isn't so important, just cross it off.

Also, don't forget to pamper yourself even during these hectic times.  Some suggestions:

-Spritz on your favorite perfume
-Light a candle as you go through your mail
-Have a cup of tea and take a five minute break
-Listen to your favorite music while you work or drive
-Take deep breaths through your nose.  Exhale
-Hug someone, even if it is the dog.
-Stretch and relax

I personally give myself time-outs. If I have a bad attitude, 10 minutes to myself with God refreshes me and I can come back with a "better" attitude. 

Have a great week and don't forget to take a "Busyness Break"

"And the Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire in scorched places, and give strength to your bones; and you will be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water whose waters do not fail."  Isaiah 58:11

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  1. All to often I get caught up in my busyness. I needed to read this today. I am an easily overwhelmed person and I know that I do not honor God once I get "out of control".

  2. Oh I just love the idea of a "busyness break!" It's amazing what even a few deep breaths, a quick moment of prayer, or a hug can do to help us unwind and relax.


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