Thursday, March 31, 2011

"LFYI Maiden, North Carolina" by Tamela Hancock Murray

Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina

Book Description:

The Roaring Twenties comes to a very small town At a time when most American girls are dreaming of bobbed hair and flapper dresses, Hestia Myatt dreams only of becoming a doctor. On a visit to Maiden, North Carolina, to care for an ailing aunt, Hestia becomes reacquainted with a handsome former classmate, Booth Barrington.

Things are going well for Hestia until her glamorous cousin, Selene, mysteriously arrives from New York. Selene turns the heads of every bachelor in town and she seems to have set her sights on Booth. Will Hestia become resentful of her cousin, who can talk of nothing but speakeasies and wild soires? Or can Hestia's maidenly influence convince Selene to change her worldweary ways?

My  Thoughts:

This book was very different for me.  I think it is one of the very few books I've read about the "roaring twenties".

The book started out a bit slow and kind of Mayberryish/Leave it to Beaverish.  lol!  There was lots of talk about flappers and the right or wrong to wearing make-up, bobbing of the hair, and style of dresses.

Hestia has settled in to care for her aunt when along comes Selene.  Flapper extroidinaire.  Her upbring wasn't very ideal and she basically had to raise herself.  She has come to Aunt Louisa for a certain "nine month" time period.  umhum...

The two cousins couldn't be more different and I think that they positively influenced each other in many ways.

There are two love stories going on throughout the book and I must say that I enjoyed Selene's story the most.

This book was very interesting and I enjoyed learning more about the time period and about Maiden, North Carolina.

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