Friday, March 18, 2011

Oversized Cobbestone Cloths

I've been wanting to try out some washcloths/dishcloths for a while.  So, while I was between other projects, I decided to give it a go.  I had some Sugar 'N Cream Yarn and the pattern I used came from Hooking Along.

The Cobblestone stich was new for me but was extremely easy.  Just a pattern of Single Crochet and Double Crochet.  I really like the texture the stitch gives the cloth.

I didn't have enough yarn to add the scalloped border around but I like them anyway.  I love how the yarn made a diamond pattern as it worked up.

I'm using them as dishcloths and they are great!  They are extremely absorbant and wash-up really well.

I'm definitely going to make some more.

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  1. I like your dishcloths! Was this varigated yarn? They are great to use aren't they?

  2. I've never heard of the cobblestone stitch, but now I'm going to have to try it. These are lovely!

    How thick are they? I have small hands, so I always have trouble with my crocheted dishcloths being too bulky. (I've been buying dishcloths lately as a result.) Thanks!

  3. This is very pretty. I just might have to try this too. ;)

  4. Looks good. I actually prefer to use a knitted or crochet dishcloth.

    I've been working on my crochet a little bit. I think I have the basic stitches down but am having some difficulty with the granny square. Guess I need another lesson from my Aunt. Slow and steady I keep plugging away with it.

  5. Very pretty and I, too, love the pattern. My mom always used a washcloth when I was growing up and my friend still uses them today (I use a sponge but a washcloth is prettier, lol!).

    Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  6. Those are so cool! I bookmarked the site with the pattern...yours look nicer than the original..I'm going to have to try that variegated yarn to get the same effect!


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