Thursday, November 19, 2020

Thankful Thursday ~ 11/19/2020

Here are some things that made me thankful/smile/excited this week:


~ Mom's Birthday!  Saturday the 14th was my Mom's birthday!  I won't tell you how old she is and I won't put a picture of her as she doesn't like pictures of herself on the "internet".  However, we did celebrate and had a good time.  I am truly blessed to have her as a Mom :)

~It's a GIRL!  I mentioned a few weeks ago that my cousin, Steph, is expecting her third little one.  She found out last Friday that she is indeed having a girl!  That will make 2 boy and 1 girl for her and her hubby.  I'm so excited! :):):)

~The HoHoHo Read-a-Thon!  This read-a-thon is starting today.  There is still time to get into the holiday spirit and join in.  I downloaded at least 5 Christmassy books so be on the lookout for the reviews in the near future :)

~Goodreads 2020 Challenge Complete!  That is pretty self-explanatory but I did it!  I actually finished a challenge!  Granted I set my goal fairly low at 26 books for the year of 2020 but still...not too shabby :)

~Getting back on a schedule!  I'm a schedule kinda girl and faithfully keep my agenda written out and up-to-date.  The past few weeks have been a bit crazy and I had to "adjust" many items on my to-do list.  I'm thankful that this week has gotten back on track and I'm marking items off that list :)

What are you thankful for/smiling/exited about this week?  Tell me all the good stuff! 



  1. Happy birthday to your mom! I am thankful for a song I heard promoting the benefits of keeping a clean mind. It flipped a switch inside of me and made me change my attitude!

  2. Happy Birthday to momma!!
    & Bring on the bows . So fun having a girl.
    Checking out the HO HO HO readathon!


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