Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Celebrating Thanksgiving ~ 11/25/2020

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Today’s question is – How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?

My Answer -  Sadly, in 2020 this is a loaded question!

So, I'm going to talk about Thanksgivings PAST.

When I was little we always went to my great-grandparents' farm where the entire (I mean entire) extended family celebrated together.  We ate in two shifts because there were so many of us.  The men ate first, then women and kids after.  I didn't mind this at the time but I do remember sometimes the mashed potatoes had grown cold by the time I got to eat.  Isn't it funny the things a person remembers?

After my great-grandparents passed away, my Mom took over Thanksgiving preparations for our branch of the family tree.  She has it down to an art and knows exactly what time she needed to put the potatoes on to boil so they would be done just in time!  lol  I helped with preparations especially the pie making.  This continued for about 25 years.

The past few years my sisiter-in-law, Kelly, has taken over the torch.  There are much fewer people at our celebration as the family has grown too big to host everyone like in the "good old days".  She does a wonderful job and won't except any help other than my brother.  She really gets into it and wants to treat us all to a meal that we didn't have to cook.

I pray that each and everyone of you have a joyously grateful Thanksgiving this year!

How do you "normally" celebrate Thanksgiving?  Has it changed over the years as it has in my family?


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