Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Wondering Wednesday ~ Do Your Children Read? ~ 11/11/2020

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Today’s question is – Do your children like to read as well?

My Answer - I'm happy to say that my children do like to read!

Kaylee, 19 years old, prefers to read short stories on her phone.  She enjoys the normal for her age:  dystopian, steam punk, etc.  Every spare moment she has, her nose is glued to her phone reading.  It is probably her favorite pastime.

Laken, 13 years old, prefers the good, old fashioned paperback or hardback books.  She loves getting books from the library and was even a library assistant last year.  She would be this year also but COVID...  She enjoys the typical YA books such as those written by Rick Riordan, especially the Percy Jackson series.  She's also a sucker for a good book revolving around animals.

I'm so happy that they love to read!

Do your children like to read?


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  1. I would have loved being a library assistant as a kid. Heck, I'd like it now!!! LOL. Glad that you have kids that share your love of reading :)


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