Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Book Review ~ Fast. Feast. Repeat. by Gin Stephens


Title:  Fast, Feast, Repeat by Gin Stephens
Series:  N/A
Pages:  224
Date Published:  June 2, 2020
Publisher:  St. Martins Griffin


Change when you eat and change your body, your health, and your life!

Diets don’t work. You know you know that, and yet you continue to try them, because what else can you do? You can Fast. Feast. Repeat. After losing over eighty pounds and keeping every one of them off, Gin Stephens started a vibrant, successful online community with hundreds of thousands of members from around the world who have learned the magic of a Delay, Don’t Deny® intermittent fasting lifestyle.

Fast. Feast. Repeat. has it all! You’ll learn how to work a variety of intermittent fasting approaches into your life, no matter what your circumstances or schedule. Once you’ve ignited your fat-burning superpower, you’ll get rid of “diet brain” forever, tweak your protocol until it’s second nature, and learn why IF is a lifestyle, not a diet.

Fast. Feast. Repeat. is for everyone! Beginners will utilize the 28-Day FAST Start. Experienced intermittent fasters will strengthen their intermittent fasting practice, work on their mindset, and read about the latest research out of top universities supporting intermittent fasting as the health plan with a side effect of weight loss. Still have questions? Gin has you covered! All of the most frequently asked intermittent fasting questions are answered in the exhaustive FAQ section.
My Thoughts:
I've been "dabbling" with Intermittent Fasting ("IF")for the past 10 weeks with some success.  It wasn't quite the success that I was hoping for so I finally decided to read the much recommended "Fast. Feast. Repeat".

A lot of the basic concepts weren't new to me as I had learned quite a lot from a few KU books and also from a great facebook group that I belong to.

I loved reading about all the scientific studies that the author used to back her research.  Until I didn't...

I must confess to skimming over quite a few references to control groups, rats and hormones.  I get that these are all very relative to the science behind IF, however, it grew a bit boring after a while.

Having said all that, I did learn tons about IF and think I know where I've been going "wrong" (or maybe just not "right").  At the end of it all comes a great big dose of COMMITTMENT.

IF, whether 16:8, 18:6, 20:4 or any of the many variations therein, is something that you have to do whole-heartedly. 

I definitely recommend reading this book if you are interested in IF.  There are a ton of helpful tips and tricks and of course the very thorough basic concepts of IF.  There is also a 28 day "get started" plan that would be very helpful if you are just getting started IF.

The FAQ in the back of the book are also very informative and I'll be referring to them for some time to come.

Let me know if this book or IF sounds interesting to you.  If you've tried IF, I'd be really interested in your results and experience.  Please leave me a comment!

Onto the next book!


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