Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Weekly Weigh In ~ 12/31/19

I usually post my Weekly Weigh In on Wednesday but decided to post one last weigh in for 2019.

I missed 2 Workshops in a row so I was very nervous about weighing in on Saturday.  I thought for sure I'd have a gain of at least 5 lbs from all the cookies and fudge I'd eaten over the past 3 weeks!

Before I hopped on the scale I told my Guide how bad I thought it would be so when my weight registered she said, "YOU LOST!!!"  She was as excited as I was.  (I love my Guides and my Coach.  They are the best!)

I guess, even though I was eating a lot of sugary sweetness, I was being mindful in other areas.  I must be learning something!

So I'm ending 2019 weighing 270.2 lbs and having lost 20.6 lbs so far on MyWW journey.

My goal for 2020 is to lose an average of 1 lb per week.  That would be a total of 52 lbs in a year.  Of course I'd be thrilled with more but I want to keep my goal achievable and not overwhelming.  (My bonus goal would be to hit Onederland!)

What are your 2020 health and wellness goals?


On to the weigh in:

Starting Weight ~ 7/27/19 ~ 290.8 lbs

Last Week's Weight ~ 12/7/19 ~ 271.6 lbs

This Week's Weight ~ 12/28/19 ~ 270.2 lbs

This Week's Total:  -1.4 lbs
Grand Total: -20.6 lbs

I'll be weighing in on Saturdays and posting my results on Wednesday.  If you'd like to join in on the journey, I'd love to have some weight loss friends! 


  1. I am super proud of you! I know losing weight is hard and I am thankful that you have found a program that is working for you.

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I appreciate how you are always here to support me :)


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