Saturday, December 14, 2019

REMINDER!!! 2020 Pen Pal Sign Ups Ends 12/20/19

Would you like a pen-pal for 2020?
Are you willing to write and send a letter once or twice a month?
Would you like to make a new friend, maybe even for life?
Would you like to get something other than bills in the mail?
If so, I hope you'll join in!
To join, please email me the following information to .  I promise, the only person I'll share your information with will be your new pen-pal.
~Blog address (You don't have to have a blog)
~Mailing address
~Would you like an international pen-pal?
Sign-ups will end on December 20th so that I can match you up and get your pen-pal's information to you before the New Year starts.
Please only sign-up if you are willing to participate.  I would hate for someone to be paired with a pen-pal who isn't going to keep up their end of the deal.
I can't wait to get started!


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