Saturday, December 28, 2019

Work In Progress / Finish Off ~ 12/28/19


"Linda's Prayer Blanket" started as this basket of yarn skeins in RH Ombre:  Anemone, Anthracite and Deep Teal. 

I didn't think I would get it finished in time for Christmas but I did!  Here is the finished project:

I used Solid Granny Squares joined with Anthracite and then bordered with all three colors.  I finished off with a scalloped edging.

I had Shawn deliver it to his Mom and he reported back that she loved the Blanket.  I'm so glad!

On to the next project!

What are you working on?



  1. I am currently working on doll clothes for my grand doll. I do not have a pattern so I am winging it , you might say. We will see how it works.

    1. I'm sure they will be lovely and the grand doll will treasure them :)


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