Friday, December 6, 2019

First Lines Friday, 56 and BBH ~ 12/6/19

Today's "First Lines" and "56" are from:

First Lines

I'll never forget the day I was cleaning out my top dresser drawer and found a treasure.  I almost threw out the stack of aged, yellowed papers, weathered by time and slightly torn on the edges. 
 Page 56

Whether it's weekly or once a month, we purposely set aside a night to go out just the two of us.

 Q.  Do you keep your TBR stack on a separate shelf from your already read books or are they mixed? (submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver's Reviews)
 A.   I don't keep many books after I read them, but if I do keep it then it goes on a different shelf from my TBR stack.  Mixed books just would be weird :)


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  1. I like the quotes. Enjoy your current read!

  2. BBH: I have them mixed. My TBRs have a piece of washi on the spine that I remove once read (and it is so satisfying!!) :D

    Have a nice weekend

  3. I think I like having them all mixed because that way every time I'm looking for a particular book it's like a journey through memory. Admittedly, I don't have bookshelves at the moment, so my books are pretty much everywhere anyway. I hope you have a lovely weekend and do drop by my Friday Post if you have the time! - Juli @ A Universe in Words

  4. Sounds like a great resource for keeping your marriage alive and thriving! Happy weekend!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Colletta. Have a great weekend!

    Lauren @ Always Me

  6. Happy Saturday!

    Yesterday on my blog I shared the first two lines from Land of Silence by Tessa Afshar. I'm currently starting The Dating Charade by Melissa Ferguson so I'll share from there.

    "If one was going to dip one's toes into the murky, pestilential waters of online dating, an escape plan was critical."

    Hope you're having a good weekend! 🙂🧡📖


  7. I’m sharing the first line of Chapter 5 in Echoes Among The Stones by Jaime Jo Wright (since others also chose this book today) :
    It was a cavern of hollow memories that ricocheted off dark walls, repeating themselves over and over until Imogene wished to clap her hands over her ears and scream the remembrances into silence


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