Monday, February 18, 2013

Listicles ~Oh So Happy ~ 2/18/13

"10 Tiny (or secret) Things That Bring Me Joy"

1.  Hugs

2.  Reese Cups

3.  Yarn

4.  The moment after I drop the kids off at school!

5.  Sunny D

6.  Seeing my girls play together!

7.  A clean kitchen

8.  Yummy tasting lip gloss

9.  A hot shower

10.  Bedtime


Happy Monday!


  1. Bedtime brings me joy too! I look forward to it from the moment I step in my lab. LOL I remember smiling in the car line dropping off the lovelies at school. Now, I watch other people smile as I open the car doors and let their kids out at school. There's something seriously wrong with this picture. :)

  2. Hugs and Reese Cups......yup, right up there at the top. Wish I had them both right now....and some heat.

  3. I LOVE bedtime! One a year my husband and son go out of town without me and I get in bed at 7:00. It may be with my laptop, to watch a movie or read but it's from the bed and I love it.

  4. #7, #9, #10...oh my YES to all of them!!!

  5. Visiting from Listicles. Seriously, isn't that moment after you drop your kids off at the school simply the BEST? Always felt a bit guilty 'bout that's the truth, haha.

  6. I LOVE a clean kitchen too--unfortunately I love it more than my husband, and he's the stay-at-home dad... :)

  7. A clean kitchen...or bedroom. Fresh sheets and all the laundry put away. Which reminds me I need to go finish the kitchen. Blech


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