Thursday, January 31, 2019

Thankful Thursday ~ 1/31/19

~Tuesday was my SIL's bday!  Kelly spent her birthday having her gallbladder removed :(  So the cake was put on hold until she is able to enjoy it.  Prayers for her continued recovering are much appreciated :)

~Kaylee's friend, Bree, stayed the weekend!  She lives about an hour away so the girls don't get to see each other often.  They had a great time with shopping, playing video games and loading up on snacks :)

~My Moogly CAL Block #2 was featured on the Moogly Facebook cover photo!  So exciting as there are a lot of blocks to choose from :)

~I rejoined Planet Fitness and took Kaylee as my guest!  It is so cold and icy out and impossible to go outside for a walk like we did in the summer and fall.  We went for the first time yesterday.  I'll be posting more about this over at Colletta Is Losing It!  I'd love for you to come visit and follow that blog as well :)

~Damon is a goose!  I'll leave you with this picture of him on his train with his "hat" on :)

What are you thankful for today?



  1. Good for you getting back in the gym game. I gotta find some motivation to get moving again. Its just so cold - I dont want to get out of my warm sweats & layers of clothes :)

  2. hard to stay motivated in cold so well done! love that pic of Damon.

  3. Nice to hear you are back at the gym. I did some videos for a workout today. I am usually outside, but not this week! lol Thanks for linking up today!

  4. Thankful to be on the road with my hubby, headed home to see our grandchildren. Your poor SIL - that does not seem like a good way to spend your birthday!

  5. Good for you going back to the gym! I need to do something myself along those lines. Love the picture of your little "goose."

  6. Lovely thankfuls...hope Kelly heals fast so she can enjoy the cake!


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