Monday, October 29, 2012

Listicle ~ Firsts ~ 10/29/12

"10 Firsts"

Warning:  Some of these firsts are very personal and maybe TMI :)  hehe
1.  My 1st Concert - Kenny Chesney 2001.

2.  My 1st Flight - Honeymoon to Disney World 2000.

3.  My 1st Love - The Hubby :)

4.  My 1st "Time" - Our Wedding Night.

5.  My 1st Period - 1 month before I turned 11 years old.

6.  My 1st Bra - 5th Grade.

7.  My 1st Dog - Pepsi, a terrior mix.  What a good dog.  I miss her :(

8.  My 1st Surgery - C-section with daughter 1 in 2001.

9.  My 1st Best Friend - My brother, Danny.

10.  My 1st Car -  1988 Chevy Baretta given to me by my aunt.

I can think of so many more firsts but I've kept the list at 10.  What/when were some of your firsts?

Happy Monday!


  1. Short and sweet list---I like it. I think Disney for a honeymoon sounds like a blast. Erin

  2. I too have a brother named Danny. :)

    And what an awesome aunt you must have!

  3. I totally thought your dog said Pepsi a terror mess LOL I need sleep. Great list!

  4. Love that your brother is your best friend. Sweet list!


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