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Book Review ~ Breast Cancer! ... by Catherine Doughty

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*I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.*

And now for the review:
Title:  "Breast Cancer! You're kidding...right?"
Series:  N/A
Author:  Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI
Publisher:  Cancercat
Publication Date:  11/17/2011
Pages:  140
Buy From Amazon:  HERE

Book Description:

New Award Winning Book Reveals The Secret to Defeating The Second Leading Cause of Death in Women!

When the award winning author, Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, was diagnosed with breast cancer, she felt stunned and alone. What gave her the comprehensive strength and strategy to become cancer free and look stunning is revealed in her new award winning book, Breast Cancer! You’re kidding…right? Living Life Through The Prism of Uncertainty And Having A Good Time!

Catherine Doughty, MS, CCHI, a breast cancer survivor herself has secured significant physician endorsements and laudatory applause for her valuable and informative brand new award winning book. “Physicians and patients state, their speechless, this book is incredible, a must-read and life line for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer! If the title and front cover of the book doesn’t grab you, the back cover and content will demand that it be read.” The book is honest, authentic and loaded with mind blowing, thought provoking strategy to assist anyone with any stage of breast cancer emerge cancer free, look stunning naked, and get their life back in control while learning how to make decisions in an uncertain decision space.

According to Doughty, it is the simplicity – no scholarly science, just pure scientific methodology and remarkable craftsmanship. It started with the most shocking news anyone could ever hear, “You have cancer!” Once the disbelief wore off, the questions started to surface, “Where does a person start to unravel this mystery?” “When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I had two small children ages six and nine. Clearly, there was a lot at stake, so I did what most patients do, I searched for information about the experiences of others and found nothing on treatment strategy or where to begin when a patient falls into the cosmic cancer bunny hole. There wasn’t one comprehensive resource for a patient that provided educational clinical strategy to overcome and beat this disease,” said Doughty.

“The goal in the book, Breast Cancer! You’re kidding…right? is to give patients a step by step approach utilizing scientific methodology to strategize their treatment plan and minimize the risk of recurrence, utilizing decision matrices, discussion documents, clinical consultation worksheets, and the importance of recording all pieces of information gathered from their physician consultations.” Doughty prepares one of the most dramatic revealing books for anyone dealing with this dreaded disease and expertly designs it to make the reader pause and reflect on their brilliance and ability to defeat this disease with a proven strategy.

You will be on the edge of your seat with every single word in this book. It captures it’s readers from beginning to end, and makes them want to live their life through the prism of uncertainty and have one rockin’ hot good time. This is a must-read and an adrenaline thrill ride from start to finish, that you cannot put down.

My Overall Feeling of the Book:

This would be a great resource for someone who is going through a Breast Cancer diagnosis.  There are many resources and tips that were way too technical for me but are probably very familiar to someone who is or has dealt with this diagnosis.

I enjoyed the author's personal story the most.  Sometimes just knowing that someone has overcome difficult obstacles to come out on the other side is such an inspiration.

There were a few misuses of to/too and there/their that I tend to pick up on because I'm a just anal that way.

I was also bit confused at the mixture of profanity and prayer/Christianity.  I found it odd.

A Brief Excerpt:

Cancer Cat Tip:
This one's for those of you who have little kids who are spirited and always scheming like mine are.  When they are misbehaving anywhere, but especially in the car, you can tell them that if they don't stop, you will take off your wig.  All you have to do is start lifting it up like you're going to take it off and they will stop whatever they are doing that instant.
Page 99

The Cover
What I like about this cover is the fact that it is very feminine which is something women dealing with illness oftentimes struggle with feeling.

It is a bit revealing and I did hide the cover from my kids while I was reading it.  This might be a problem for some.



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