Friday, February 11, 2022

Sewing Saturday ~ 2/12/2022 ~ Angel Food Cake

I'm going to be featuring my sewing, crocheting and crafting projects on Saturdays.  Some weeks this will include a finished project, a FNSI or FNWF or just a WIP.


I'm going to try to sew at least one block a week in the Pat Sloan sew-along called "Sweet Dreams". I'm using the fabrics below:

The first block was called Brownie Love and I loved piecing it!

The second block was Boston Cream Pie and it gave me fits.

The third block is called "Angel Food Cake".  Yummy!

It was easy to decide the placement because I have 3 reds and 3 blues and needed 6 rows.  Yay!  It worked out simply for me :)

This block was super easy to piece.  I can see why some people who are sewing along have made entire quilts from this one block pattern.

I love the simplicity of the heart and so appropriate for this time of year!

This is definitely a block I can see myself making again :)

You can find the pattern at .



  1. Your fabrics are fantastic and I love your blocks. I can see why Boston Cream Pie was so difficult. That is a whole lot of intersections to match up.

  2. Oh, I love your heart! Love those pretty fabrics together!

  3. Hum, I like every one of those blocks. Must back track to Pat's blog and pick them up...

  4. Very fun blocks! You've done well at keeping up. Happy stitching this week.

  5. I just adore the fabrics you have put together here. Every block is wonderful ... :-) Pat

  6. I'm saving the heart pattern in my QOV folder. Your red,white, blue fabrics are perfect for a QOV quilt.

  7. Fun blocks!!! I made a whole quilt out of a heart block similar to yours, I hope you like your quilt as much as I do!

  8. Your fabrics for Sweet Dreams are gorgeous! Love the names of the blocks, and they look like fun.
    Thanks for linking with To Do Tuesday!


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