Wednesday, February 16, 2022

10 on the 10th ~ February 2022


I'm VERY late to the 10 on the 10th party but I think I'll be able to squeak in if I hurry!  Better get to it :)

1.  What was something you absolutely loved about 2021?

I honestly can't think of anything I absolutely LOVED except for the fact that we got through it!

2.  Do you have an interesting love story you'd like to share?  Please do!

The hubby and I met in Church.  Right around the time I was born :)  He's almost 10 years older than me, so he likes to tell people that he held me when I was a baby.  Silly man!  22 years later we got married :)

3.  What food do you love and must have on a regular basis?

 I love potatoes of all kinds and could eat them everyday except for the pesky business of having to peel them!

4.  What fashion "trend" do you love?  It doesn't ever have to be a current trend.

I love me some boot-legged jeans.  And big hair :)

5.  Which season do you love most?  Why is it your favorite?

I love Spring, Summer and Fall.  I love them because they are NOT winter!  If I'm serious though either Spring or Fall are my favorite.

6.  If you could be with a loved one who has passed who would it be and what would to do?

Too emotional for me to handle this question tonight...

7.  What would you love to accomplish in 2022?

I'd LOVE to lose 50 pounds in 2022!  I think 1 lb a week should be doable.  I've already lost right around 6ish lbs.  Wish me luck!

8.  Which do you love most:  shoes, handbags, belts or coats?

I have a serious addiction to bags.  They don't have to be expensive, designer or even store bought.  I love to make my own bags.  In fact, my favorite bag is one that I made probably 10 years ago and is a huge "weekender" type bag.

9.  What love remains with you today?

I'm not completely sure I understand the question, but my love for my family remains forever!

10.  How do you show your love?  What is your love language?

I show my love in different ways.  I always tell people in my life that I love them.  I might cook a favorite meal.  Or buy a "fluffy" (little gift).  I also try to serve my family.  I guess you could say I'm a bit hodgepodge with my love languages.


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