Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Blogging Challenge ~ Ways to Show Love ~ 2/9/2022

This week's topic is:  

Ways to Show Someone You Love Them:

~Tell them.  Don't forget the power of the words "I love you!"

~Make their favorite meal.

~Wash their laundry.  And put it away!

~Clear the snow off and warm up their car.

~Open the car door, gentlemen!

~Dance with them in the kitchen.

~Let them sleep in.

~Call on your lunch break.

~Talk them up to other people.  (don't criticize to others)

~R.E.S.P.E.C.T. them!

~Give the gift of touch.

~So many more but I'll end there :)

How do you show others that you love them?  



  1. Wonderful ideas! I honestly had trouble answering this one because a couple of dozen thoughts tried to pop into my head all at once and my brain just glitched.

  2. I used to open the car door, but definitely open public doors for my wife and for all other people for that matter. Thanks for sharing all this great ideas. My post is up finally, lol.


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