Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ ME ~ 8/31/2021

Head over to Tuesday's Place for the questions and to visit everyone's answers!

Let's talk about you this week.

1. How are you unique or different from your friends or family? How typical are you?

I'm unique in that I have short hair.  I used to have LONG curly hair and just went shorter and shorter until now I have a "pixie" cut.  I'm not sure how I'm typical other than the fact that I love my family fiercely!

2.  How do you spend your spare time? books, hobbies, visiting, tv etc.

Ideally I spend my spare time reading, baking, blogging and crocheting.  Realistically, lately, I've been spending my spare time trying to recuperate from "putting on" a wedding and getting a Freshman started into high school.  Hence, I'm writing this "Tuesday 4" on Wednesday!   :)

3. What was high school like for you?

I enjoyed high school.  I wasn't the most popular girl or anything but I had a great group of friends.  We were as close as sisters and now I really only see one of my friends consistently as we go to the same Church.

4. This question has multiple parts:

a. Handbag: designer style or any will do?

I won't pay over $25 for a handbag so I guess you can say any will do :))

b. Pajamas or night gown?


c. Shoes: sturdy or pretty ?

Flip flops!   :)  Other than flip flops:  sturdy sneakers while walking for exercise but pretty for special occasions.

d.home decor: classic, modern, farm house style, traditional?

My decor right now is quite the hodgepodge!

e. Movies: feel good, drama, romance, action?

I enjoy all types of movies.  My favorites are period pieces though :)


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