Monday, September 13, 2021

Tuesday 4 ~ HOME ~ 9/14/2021

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 This week's topic is home

 1.What makes a house a home?

The people that live there :)

2. How to you keep your house neat , tidy and clean? Do you find it difficult?

I struggle with certain areas.  I recently found "The Secret Slob" on youtube and she's amazing!

3.Are plants important in your home.. or collections.. or wall art?  Is there a theme you like to create?

I don't have plants because of children and animals.  I collect yarn :)

4.What is a typical day/evening like in your home?

A typical evening is supper as a family, clean up and then some down time relaxing.



  1. I got a kick out of the "secret slob" and I will have to go take a look at those videos! I didnt have many plants when I had animals.. when the last passed on I got some plants but, they can be a pain to care for.

  2. I have never seen/heard of The Secret Slob, but you can bet I will be looking at her videos!
    I am trying to pare down everything in our house!


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