Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thankful Thursday ~ 7/26/18

This week I'm thankful for:
~So my dog chewed my library book AND my special bookmark that my Mom gave me years ago.  Kaylee went shopping one evening with her boyfriend and his sister and guess what she brought me back?  She picked me out a special bookmark and bought it for me!  What a sweetheart :)

~This week is the Bedford County Fair.  My Cousin Steph invited Laken to go along with her family to get something to eat, ride rides and pet the animals.  Laken and "usually" get along very well and they had a great time!

~Saturday we sent school supply shopping for Laken.  We went to the larger mall that is about 1 hour away.  We parked at J.C. Penney and went in.  And spent about 1.5 hours in J.C. Penney.  They had a ton of sales and there was a "mystery sale".  I was given a coupon that when I opened the tab it would tell me how much of a discount I would get.  I got 40% off our entire purchase!  We saved $120 on a backpack and some clothes and only spent $42 :)

~I read the best book this week!  Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson is easily a favorite for the year :)

~An unexpected free day in the middle of the week!  With all the rain we've had lately Cody, Dex and Damon's daddy, was off work on Wednesday.  So the boys hung out with their Dad for the day and I had some time to use in whatever way I wanted :)
What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful for many things each day. I am thankful that my children and grandchild are well. I am thankful for the small farm that we live on and the experiences it brings with it. I am thankful for the freedoms that we have. I am thankful to be alive!!

  2. That's my fear of my library books - I try to keep them out of reach. What happens at the library with that? Do they make you pay for them?
    ... & be sure to link up with me again this week :) Loved having you last week!

  3. Love that you have found so much to be cheerful about even though a few things went wrong too. Have a great week! #R2BC

  4. Sounds like you did some smart shopping! I'll look for at books by the author. It looks good! Hugs, Diane

  5. Lovely things to be thankful for! I had a special book delivered to my home years ago, a gift with an inscription written by my daughter. The mailman left the package on the doorstep and our dog promptly decided it was a toy and tore it to pieces. I was so heartbroken! Glad you had a sweet bookmark replacement. I had a replacement of sorts from my daughter as well. We move forward in spite of these little trials, don't we?

  6. The country fair sounds fun and what a lucky break in Penneys

  7. Ooh, I'm definitely going to look up Edenbrooke and see what that's all about.

  8. You have a thoughtful daughter! What a great sale! That books sounds intriguing.

  9. I put edenbrooke on hold at the library. Thsnks for the recommendation.
    You sure got a bargain at Penney’s!
    That was sweet and thoughtful for your daughter to get you a replacement Book marker.
    Have a refreshing weekend.

  10. Very cool that you got 40% off yoru purchases, I'd have been super cheerful with that. Mich x

  11. I love county fairs! Ours starts this week and I will be working the first day at our guild's booth doing spinning demos.
    Hurray for that 40% off coupon! The back to school shopping time seems to be creeping up earlier and earlier each year.


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