Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Work in Progress ~ 7/18/18


I so wanted to show you the finished "MY Afghan" but I still haven't completed the last round of the scalloped edging :(

I took a break from such a large, hot project to make some nice, cool, pot holder/hot pads while camping.

I used Peaches & Crème Blue Moon Ombre cotton yarn and a simple single crochet.  I made my starting chain 30 and it worked out to a very nice size.

This was about the halfway point of one pot holder.  I made it twice this length and then doubled it over so there were no little holes to poke a finger through and get burned.  (Been there.  Done that.)

I really enjoyed working with a variegated yarn.  After tying in all those ends while making "Ashley's Afghan" it was nice to have color change without all that work!

And here is the finished product.  At least one of them, anyway!


 I've finished the second pot holder (didn't get a picture though) and am now working on a larger hot pad to finish up the Blue Moon Ombre that I bought.

I love a nice quick project after a more demanding, time-consuming, large project!
What are you working on?


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